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Art Object

For its fifth edition Artview- a View on contemporary Art receives the BSP22, the art museum of the province Hainaut located in Charleroi. With a collection of more than 6000 art works dating from the end of the 19th century until today, the BSP22 is one of the biggest cultural institutions in Belgium.

With Art Object as theme and through the works of 12 artists the exhibition investigates the connection between
the art object and the everyday object.

Within the framework of the 5th edition of Artview, the ADAM is hosting the BPS22. From the 1980s, artists began
to be interested in the boundaries between the work of art and the everyday object. They questioned the paradoxical nature of industrial design creations, being intrigued by the dual functionality of these items. They then took to creating works that were situated “on the borderline between design and the plastic arts”.
Situated somewhere between the domains of household items, works of art and sculpture, the design process
compels artists to focus on the object itself, its presence and its place in the value system regarding function,
convenience and aesthetics, as well as its connection with the user.
Following in the wake of Duchamp’s Ready-Made movement, then the Pop Art trend, this exhibition brings together
around ten works from the collection of pieces that span the frontier between design and the plastic arts that is held
by the BSP22 and the Province of Hainaut.

The works on shown are from the following artists: Wim Delvoye, Bruno Peinado, Garouste et Bonetti, Michel
François, Marcel Mariën, Maarten Baas, Meret Oppenheim, Atelier Pica Pica, Man Ray, Denmark, Koen Theys et
Jean-Claude Saudoyez.

The exhibition is open to the public form Sunday June 25th on the occasion of the Family brunch at the ADAM. A guided tour by the curator of the exhibition Dorothée Duvivier is being organized at 11.30 am.

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