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In conversation with Peter Ghyczy


In conversation with Peter Ghyczy

As part of the exhibition 'Peter Ghyczy. 50 Years of Functionalism', the ADAM will host a design talk with the designer and the lunch of “Peter Ghyczy designing”, published by la Charte and authored by Alok b. Nandi.
Open to the public, this design talk aims to give a personal insight into Peter Ghyczy’s reflections of his work and reactions to the exhibition on show.

“The book allows the reader to get a sense of the creative process of Peter Ghyczy, a designer for whom the materiality of stuff matters. Charles Eames used to say “the details are not the details, they make the product”. This statement perfectly captures Ghyczy’s design philosophy. His works began in the architectural scapes to continue into design, from plastic to glass and metal. His sense of detailed and iterative design resulted in some iconic furniture, ranging from the famous Garden Egg chair to contemporary series
providing an elegant ethos of sustainable interior space.”

Moderated by author Alok Nandi
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